Established on January 2017, the main objective of the Women on Board Association Turkey is to promote social development by increasing the represantation of women on the boards of directors.

hande yaşargil
Hande Yaşargil
WBAT President

President’s Message

Especially in the last 10 years, many researches in Europe and the United States proved that the performance of the high number of women in the board of directors is higher in almost all areas. On the other hand, research results such as the high level of ethical reputation, low level of corruption, taking more affordable risks at the boards where women are located, supports the reasons for this work. However it doesn't make sense to talk about these issues. It is not necessary to look for reason for adequate female representation. In a world where half of the population and talent are women, if there are not enough women on boards; this does not mean there are no women eligible for this role, shows that the system is not working well and that women are stucked in the process. Women alone cannot solve this problem created by the system, the system must solve itself. Therefore, Women on Board Association Turkey (WBAT) is a platform that prepares strong candidates for boards, and on the other hand, it is growing day by day as a powerful organization that plays an active role in the solution of this problem, brings together the stakeholders for the effective operation of the system and opens the solutions for dialogue.

YKKD Sertifika ve Mentorluk Programı 3. Dönem Mezuniyet Törenimiz Rahmi M. Koç Müzesinde gerçekleşti.

Yönetim Kurulunda Kadın Derneği

3. Dönem Mezunlarını Verdi

50 Kadın Daha Yönetim Kurullarına Hazır!

Our President Hande Yasargil met women leaders in Moscow

We were happy to share our experiences and learnings for the launch event of Women on Boards Russia. 

Our President Hande Yasargil met women leaders in Moscow and shared her experiences on Women Leadership and Diversity of Boards. &ldqu..

Masadayız Paneli

Avrupa Birliği Yerel STK’lar Hibe Fonu kapsamında hayata geçen ‘Yönetim Kurulunda Daha Çok Kadın’ Projesi, “MASADAYIZ” panelinde, Başkanımız Hande Yasargil’in moderasyonunda değerli konuşmacı..

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Masadayız Paneli
Masadayız Paneli
Masadayız Paneli
Masadayız Paneli
Masadayız Paneli
Masadayız Paneli